Why Financial Lock?

Everyone’s identity is at risk. Financial Lock’s services will relieve that stress with continuous dark web screening, financial transaction monitoring, $1million in stolen fund insurance, medical record monitoring, social media monitoring, and more. Should fraud or identity theft occur, our in-house certified resolution specialists will work tirelessly on your behalf to fully restore and resolve your clients compromised identity.

What makes Financial Lock stand out?

Financial Lock’s proprietary and advanced threat intelligence service gives us access to dark web forums where hackers and criminals operate. This means that our alerts can come weeks, sometimes months, before a breach is made public. No other identity protection service offers such range, and efficacy of dark web monitoring and alerts.

How would you describe Financial Lock’s onboarding, and client management services?

Our team is dedicated to providing the easiest onboarding you’ve ever experienced. Our client management system provides analytics with member enrollment reports upon request, and a fully integrated company dashboard. This ensures our clients are getting the most out of our system.

Who are Financial Lock’s Clients?

Financial Lock’s primary focus is providing identity protection as an employee benefit. This is apparent in the individual attention we give our clients throughout our entire relationship, and our ability to provide content or assistance tailored to each clients needs.

What do the first 30 days of service look like?

Upon enrollment, employees will receive welcome emails introducing Financial Lock and instructing them on how to finish setting up their account. They will also receive a welcome letter in the postal mail. As the member set up their features and provide more information, they may then receive alerts about their identity. Employees will receive their first monthly status email, which will regularly update them on the state of their identity.

Will there be ongoing communication?

Financial Lock maintains regular contact with our clients, including quarterly reviews. We are also here as a resource to provide content to help boost enrollment, communicate about identity protection, and assist our clients with anything they may need.