Financial Lock

Ensuring your legacy

Financial Lock is the Retail Division of CLC Incorporated. Financial Lock offers CLC's broad heritage of trusted personal protection products.

The CLC Story

Providing quality service since 1986

CLC Incorporated is a leading provider of legal, identity theft and financial programs for employees groups, corporations, unions, associations and insurance companies throughout the United States and Canada. CLC provides services to over 25 million people and over 15,000 corporations. With our fully-staffed call center, these programs offer 24-hour expert, multilingual support for the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Support Staff

USA based 24/7/365

Our experienced staff and nationally recognized panel of professionals are available to immediately assist members. With over 23,000 credentialed attorneys, mediators, financial professionals and our IN-HOUSE Certified Fraud Resolution Specialists (FRS™), we boast one of the largest professional US-based networks available. Furthermore, our highest quality service is available at a fraction of what traditional ID Protection, Financial and Legal services cost.

Does it seem like every time you turn around there’s a new kind of identity theft? Threats to your personal information can be scary and confusing. Who has time to figure it all out?
The answer is “we do.” The team behind Financial Lock monitors the most comprehensive set of identity factors across the most complete range of defense points. In the event of identity abuse or breach, our customers have just one call to make.

Our goal is to deliver complete peace of mind at the best possible price. Our identity protection and fraud detection services keep pace with evolving technologies, adapt to changing consumer and criminal activities, and scale globally.Based near Sacramento, California, our team works tirelessly to ease minds, answer questions, and resolve identity theft issues large and small. Why do we work so hard to de-mystify and de-stress identity protection? We’re real people with families to protect, just like you.
We know identity protection isn’t top-of-mind when you’re busy navigating the demands of daily life. Let us focus on defense, so you can focus on being you.